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When people talk about how to support recovery they often mention  few things.

You might hear them say “Man… you need to get those endorphins going! Go work out!”

Ok, sounds cool. I can buy that one.

And they will say “Recovery is more than just not using. It’s about building relationships. It’s about purpose and meaning.”

Anyone who has ever found their place on the mats can relate to that last part.

I feel that getting people involved in BJJ seems like a natural place to go when we think about recovery. I’m not the only one who ever thought about this. Many pro fighters will talk about how martial arts helped them to stay sober. I want to give other people in recovery that opportunity. This is our mission. If we can help one person get on the mats and stay on the mats it will all be worth it.

Often when a person is first getting sober they have lost everything. I want to give something to them that may help change their life forever. They are worth it. If you are a person who is struggling in life… just know, you are a person worthy of dignity and respect. You are lovable and you are worth it.

I wanted to bring a healing product to our community. I’m not here to make health claims about CBD, many smarter people than I have made those claims (including the World Health Organization). I say “CBD is more about what you  don’t feel than what you do.”  As a person in recovery I am very conscious about what goes in my body. Rest assured, our products are non psychoactive and THC free. You will not “feel high” and will not fail a test.

Lets be honest…. the CBD market is flooded with scams and scam artists. Predators who prey on people looking for wellness. All of our products are lab tested. We have no secrets. Unlike other companies…. I have nothing to hide. Folium Biosciences is our supplier for raw oil, we formulate the rest and bottle ourselves.

If you are a combat athlete looking to try CBD, please give us a try. Your purchase is going to help build our community. You will be part of giving back and part of a healing process for people.

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