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The Foundation

So, “The FightBack Foundation” is the official name of the non-profit side, a sister agency¬† if you will. I am still in the process of getting everything in order for the IRS. It’s not easy.

In the meantime, I want to make some services available to help people. I’m not just a person in recovery, I’m also a licensed substance use counselor in Texas (LCDC) since 2009.

If anyone in the Austin BJJ or martial arts community is struggling to obtain or maintain their recovery I want to make myself available to talk with you. Free of charge. Consider it a type of coaching session. I’m open to talking about any thing that is going on with you. I want to help you maintain your motivation and keep you in the gym and in recovery. I’m a peer too and people like us need each other.

If you are somewhere outside of Austin, I’m still open to talking with you so message me on FB or Insta or Reddit. I’m just not sure of a good platform, maybe you know one.

I’ve talked to thousands of people about finding motivation for wellness and health. A holistic approach. I have worked with people of all races, genders and sexuality. I currently go around Texas teaching other counselors about Harm Reduction, Motivational Interviewing, opioids and overdose, HIV and HCV, counseling skills, sexuality and LGBT topics. So, I understand the variety of people and the variety of approaches to making a change. It’s not easy.

If you are a person in recovery from substance use or mental health and want to order from me, use the code “friend” and it gives you $6 off the products. I wish I could do more and I will in the future.





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