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Save the gimmicks for Pro Wrasslin’

So in this industry you see a lot of buzzwords and a lot of marketing. I’ll let y’all in on a little secret… there are only a handful of labs in the US with the capacity to supply businesses with massive amounts of CBD. I use the largest supplier in the US, just like all these other “premium brands” but they aren’t going to tell you that. They wont even tell you what MCT they are using… because it is generic palm kernel oil they buy in 55 gallon drums. I am the only company that will willingly tell you I am using the highest quality brand name lab tested MCT Oils. Nutivia and Bulletproof. So, maybe these companies could explain why if they are using the same phytocannabinoids rich hemp oil (CBD) as me and inferior MCT…. why does their products cost 100% or more than FightBack?

This industry is still the Wild West in a lot of ways. Don’t let your friends and family be exploited. I’m always transparent, no gimmicks and no bullshit. If you ever have questions about any part of my materials or my process PM me. I’ll tell you, they won’t. I focus on the BJJ community just because I see the capacity for martial arts to bring healing to people living with mental health and substance use disorders. Spiritually, mentally and physically. That is what drives me, not profit. I hope as FightBack grows I am able to continue doing more to help people. Thanks for your support. -Justin

4 thoughts on “Save the gimmicks for Pro Wrasslin’

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