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Supporting Community

We need each other. Whether we realize it or not, we do.

Are you going to show up at the gym and do solo drills every day? It sure is nice when everyone shows up.

FightBack is showing up. The money I earn is going to help people in our community. Whether that is sponsoring athletes or giving discounts on products to people who need it or just supporting other businesses. I keep the money in the BJJ community anytime I can.

As far as I know there is no other brand of CBD that markets towards our community without the intent of exploitation. I’m not knocking anyone’s hustle or their brands but I’m sure you can think of plenty of products that slap on a logo and then its a “BJJ” product with a 100% markup. My prices are about as competitive as they can be. I lowered them from where I could be, into the range of other brands who actually own farms. I’m a one person operation.

I am deliberate in marketing to our community. From the name, to the logo, to the black belt on the bottle. Why? Because it is important to me. I want to give back, keep the money in our community, and help other people. It is important to me.

We need each other. People do not get well in isolation. People do not grow in isolation. We need each other to survive. So many people finally feel at home when they have others. That is why I want to help people in recovery get involved in this community too.

I will do more and more to continue helping others. I do have long term plans but right now we are still making the baby steps to build the brand. I appreciate everyone who takes a chance on us and supports FightBack.

If you are a person in recovery and struggling, or you have a teammate who is, please send me a message on Insta or FB. We don’t have to do this alone.



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