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FightBack OG Cart! Limited! Soon these will be in full production and stocked!

10 grams of 88% Zero THC CBD Distillate + 1 gram OG Kush terpenes, crammed into 19 Carts!

887 x 10=8870/19= 466mg!  I’ll call it 425mg to be safe and make everyone happy! I stuff them full, believe me. If its sticky its because I overflowed not because it leaked lol. I didnt snap the pic fast enough but it flwos into the core as it sits in the tank.

These are simply BOMB! I call this a winner!

From True Terpenes- “OG Kush’s fragrances give consumers a hefty whiff of nature. Hints include Earth, pine and wood that scores of cannabis enthusiasts rave about. Additionally, OG Kush steps out of the woods with lemon in the mix as well. When lit, OG Kush’s wood taste comes to the forefront with a touch of sweet notes as well. Just over 50% of OG Kush’s profile is made up of limonene (28%) and myrcene (23%). One of limonene’s contributions to the strain includes its strong citrus fragrance, while myrcene can be found in the slightly spicy taste that comes with smoking OG Kush. With a significant potency, it should come as no surprise that OG Kush is regarded for its knack at providing significant levels of energy and euphoria. In some instances, consumers report feeling couch locked. In other cases, users report feeling uplifted with the ability to engage in lively conversations and enhance their experiences around everything from exercise to playing video games.”


A NOTE! Distillate can go solid again in the cart, especially with temperature changes in shipping….. This is not a problem, its because I use no fillers. Hit it with a hairdryer for 30 seconds and it will melt, put it in a ziplock under hot water or CAREFULLY hit the glass with a lighter….. or use the warming cycle if your oil pen  has one.

These are authentic CCell carts made specifically for distillate and thick oil extracts. No cheap generic BS from me. Only the best.  I would recommend doing medium pulls on a lower wattage to start. 6, 7, 8 watts is probably good! Slower is better!  It will still work hotter but you don’t want to ruin the taste. Again, these are potent and a little goes a long way! Don’t try to do “lung crushers” or you will burn the distillate and choke yourself. Don’t be a dumbass.

I think you should get 150 or so 3 second pulls off these carts.  These are some of the highest purity, strongest .5ml carts around.


A little PSA about “the competition” in vape carts… ANYTIME you see a company advertising these little .5ml carts as “500mg” they are lying to you and ripping you off. It is impossible to put 500mg of CBD into a vape cart this size. It wont fit, I’ve tried!

IT could have as little as 100mg of ACTIVE CBD depending on the purity of their distillate and the terpenes cut. Ive seen brands using 40% distillate according to their labs. The max ACTIVE CBD they could fit in there would be 200mg and that is only if it was pure Distillate no terpenes! I will never lie to you or rip you off, period! I SHOW YOU THE LAB I SHOW YOU THE MATH!

So… technically a “half gram” is “500mg” but that is deceptive! No one cares about the total weight! In my research I saw like so many brands out there doing this. It is deceptive, misleading and wrong.




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