FightBack OG Cart 275+ or 550+




note: These Batches are darker in color due to a new batch of materials but I have not updated the pictures yet! The labwork is accurate.


OK!! These carts will not solidify. Easy, no need to heat or mess with it. just put it on your battery and go! i say 275/550 but it is more like 300/600 or so depending.


.5 cart is half the size of a 1 cart. or a 1 is double lol, depends how you wanna look at it.

Same distillate and terpenes. Veeeeery smooth, these are a winner!!


From True Terpenes- “OG Kush’s fragrances give consumers a hefty whiff of nature. Hints include Earth, pine and wood that scores of cannabis enthusiasts rave about. Additionally, OG Kush steps out of the woods with lemon in the mix as well. When lit, OG Kush’s wood taste comes to the forefront with a touch of sweet notes as well. Just over 50% of OG Kush’s profile is made up of limonene (28%) and myrcene (23%). One of limonene’s contributions to the strain includes its strong citrus fragrance, while myrcene can be found in the slightly spicy taste that comes with smoking OG Kush. With a significant potency, it should come as no surprise that OG Kush is regarded for its knack at providing significant levels of energy and euphoria. In some instances, consumers report feeling couch locked. In other cases, users report feeling uplifted with the ability to engage in lively conversations and enhance their experiences around everything from exercise to playing video games.”





Additional information

Weight.125 lbs

.5, 1


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