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Small Batch, Handcrafted in Austin Texas. We believe in our products. We support our community.

See Attached labs! 30×21.68=650mg total cannabinoids, 630mg CBD per bottle

This 30ml bottle contains over 600mg of CBD  plus other active Cannabinoids including 2-3% CBG. RAD!!

30 doses at 20mg CBD per ml. FightBack is made with whole plant, broad spectrum THC Free distillate and not CBD isolate. Our dropper is conveniently marked for dosage measurement. Made with 100% organic pure Nutiva MCT, the ONLY certified organic MCT made from pure coconut oil (no palm oils). You will not fail a test. See attached labs!

This formula is made to be taken sublingual. 

Ingredients: Hemp Extract (THC Free CBD Distillate),  Nutiva Organic MCT


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Weight .22 lbs

11 reviews for Original FightBack

  1. Shahab Nahid (verified owner)

    This CBD is fantastic, I’ve used many other products in the past, and none have been half as good as fightback. The taste is cleaner due to the pure ingredients used, and the benefits are more immediate and long lasting.

  2. Bridget (verified owner)

    This is my first cbd product that I’ve ever tried, and I really like it. It took me a while to figure out the right dose though. I started too high and kept dropping it down until I landed at 5mg, which is just perfect for my anxiety and restlessness. So don’t think that you need to take a big 20mg dose to get relief. With such a small dose, this bottle will last me ages and is a very good value. I was taking Xanax on occasion for anxiety and tried an antidepressant as well. I’m glad to have found a product that helps me feel calm without those strong drugs. I can use it whether I’m having a panic attack, or just feeling edgy. It works equally well for both. I do experience a small headache when I use this product, but that side effect is better than both the anxiety and the side effects from prescription drugs that I’ve tried. This product has made a huge difference in my life.

  3. Hunter

    Great cbd product ! Helps anxiety . Highly recomend

  4. Mary Held

    By far best Cbd Company I’ve tried!
    This oil is essential in my day to day routine, one drop with my breakfast and the Night time drop at dinner keeps me pain free! I’ve noticed a difference in just a couple of weeks, less soreness, no more flammation, and quick recovery after a hard workout. If you’re an athlete that wants something that actually works, this is worth the money.

  5. Josiah

    First off, I am a huge fan of the fact Figtback uses coconut oil to infused cannabidiol. The coconut oil makes the cbd cannbinoid more bioavailable (makes it readily available for our bodies to consume) not only that but it makes the tincture taste amazing. Hands down the best cbd tincture I havetired currently to date and I don’t plan on changing brands. I stand behind this company’s mission statement and philosophy. Thank you for all that you do for the patients who use cannabis as an aide to alleviate any aliments that may happen on a daily basis.

  6. beresford.brooke90 (verified owner)

    This is awesome stuff from an awesome organization.

    It’s great for both anxiety and also for recovery after a tough training session. Personally, I find it great at helping me sleep too.

    Strongly recommended.

    Side note, the team is super responsive and helpful!

  7. Eric Salinas

    I’ve been using CBD products for almost a year now. When I first decided to reach out to Justin I was looking for a product that would work after the first dose. Although that is hard to find I managed to come across this product and gave it a try. With a full serving my anxiety and my mood was managed all day. My knee pain from a partial acl tear went away and I have been able to lift patients at work and deadlift without any discomfort. When I gave some to my parents, my moms back pain went away and my dads ocd is at an all time low. Not only is the product good but Justin is a great guy that is always eager to help others. Thanks brother.

  8. Kory

    This stuff is amazing! I train jiu jitsu around 8 times a week and my body used to constantly ache. I have noticed a huge difference since starting to take this CBD oil. I take it at night and wake up feeling great. I stopped taking it for a couple of weeks and my nagging aches and pains came back. As an active competitor, this is the only thing I use to keep myself on the mats. 5 out of 5 stars.

  9. rojr0313 (verified owner)

    This stuff can really help and you will notice results

  10. Robbie

    This oil is honestly a life changer could not live day by day without it such benefits in a dropper each morning or night can create such higher wellbeing with my colitis flare ups and constant needing to go to the toilet it’s made my days more comfortable and less opioid medication needed to harness my level of pain amazing stuff

  11. Josh Redman (verified owner)

    Great products after using the original and night oils the pain and inflammation in my knee has almost completely gone. Should be back to MMA training in the new year after stepping away for a few year.

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