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Save the gimmicks for Pro Wrasslin’

So in this industry you see a lot of buzzwords and a lot of marketing. I’ll let y’all in on a little secret… there are only a handful of labs in the US with the capacity to supply businesses with massive amounts of CBD. I use the largest supplier in the US, just like all these other “premium brands” but they aren’t going to tell you that. They wont even tell you what MCT they are using… because it is generic palm kernel oil they buy in 55 gallon drums. I am the only company that will willingly tell you I am using the highest quality brand name lab tested MCT Oils. Nutivia and Bulletproof. So, maybe these companies could explain why if they are using the same phytocannabinoids rich hemp oil (CBD) as me and inferior MCT…. why does their products cost 100% or more than FightBack?

This industry is still the Wild West in a lot of ways. Don’t let your friends and family be exploited. I’m always transparent, no gimmicks and no bullshit. If you ever have questions about any part of my materials or my process PM me. I’ll tell you, they won’t. I focus on the BJJ community just because I see the capacity for martial arts to bring healing to people living with mental health and substance use disorders. Spiritually, mentally and physically. That is what drives me, not profit. I hope as FightBack grows I am able to continue doing more to help people. Thanks for your support. -Justin

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Get on the mats

I am a person living in recovery from addiction. I still have my own mental health struggles. I want to be able to help people try something new for wellness and health. People like me. I’m limited to North Austin at the moment but I do have other connections around so ask me anyways. I’ll try to help you wherever you live just msg me! I don’t care if you have been sober 10 days or 10 years, that’s not what is important. What is important is that you want to experience something that maybe you have been afraid to try. Or something that you use to do that addiction or depression side tracked you from. I want to help you get in or get back. I can cover the cost of your starter gi and take care of your classes to start. I am limited but in the future I want to do even more. So please, contact me or tell a friend to contact me. Also, if you are struggling feel free to hit me up. I’m a licensed counselor who can sit with you and listen, no charge. Call it a peer coaching session. Even a phone call or text if that is what is more comfortable for you. No one has to be alone. Everyone remember that stigma of addiction and mental health hurts the ones we love. Be kind to each other. Thank you. -Justin

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Supporting Community

We need each other. Whether we realize it or not, we do.

Are you going to show up at the gym and do solo drills every day? It sure is nice when everyone shows up.

FightBack is showing up. The money I earn is going to help people in our community. Whether that is sponsoring athletes or giving discounts on products to people who need it or just supporting other businesses. I keep the money in the BJJ community anytime I can.

As far as I know there is no other brand of CBD that markets towards our community without the intent of exploitation. I’m not knocking anyone’s hustle or their brands but I’m sure you can think of plenty of products that slap on a logo and then its a “BJJ” product with a 100% markup. My prices are about as competitive as they can be. I lowered them from where I could be, into the range of other brands who actually own farms. I’m a one person operation.

I am deliberate in marketing to our community. From the name, to the logo, to the black belt on the bottle. Why? Because it is important to me. I want to give back, keep the money in our community, and help other people. It is important to me.

We need each other. People do not get well in isolation. People do not grow in isolation. We need each other to survive. So many people finally feel at home when they have others. That is why I want to help people in recovery get involved in this community too.

I will do more and more to continue helping others. I do have long term plans but right now we are still making the baby steps to build the brand. I appreciate everyone who takes a chance on us and supports FightBack.

If you are a person in recovery and struggling, or you have a teammate who is, please send me a message on Insta or FB. We don’t have to do this alone.



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The Foundation

So, “The FightBack Foundation” is the official name of the non-profit side, a sister agency  if you will. I am still in the process of getting everything in order for the IRS. It’s not easy.

In the meantime, I want to make some services available to help people. I’m not just a person in recovery, I’m also a licensed substance use counselor in Texas (LCDC) since 2009.

If anyone in the Austin BJJ or martial arts community is struggling to obtain or maintain their recovery I want to make myself available to talk with you. Free of charge. Consider it a type of coaching session. I’m open to talking about any thing that is going on with you. I want to help you maintain your motivation and keep you in the gym and in recovery. I’m a peer too and people like us need each other.

If you are somewhere outside of Austin, I’m still open to talking with you so message me on FB or Insta or Reddit. I’m just not sure of a good platform, maybe you know one.

I’ve talked to thousands of people about finding motivation for wellness and health. A holistic approach. I have worked with people of all races, genders and sexuality. I currently go around Texas teaching other counselors about Harm Reduction, Motivational Interviewing, opioids and overdose, HIV and HCV, counseling skills, sexuality and LGBT topics. So, I understand the variety of people and the variety of approaches to making a change. It’s not easy.

If you are a person in recovery from substance use or mental health and want to order from me, use the code “friend” and it gives you $6 off the products. I wish I could do more and I will in the future.





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When people talk about how to support recovery they often mention  few things.

You might hear them say “Man… you need to get those endorphins going! Go work out!”

Ok, sounds cool. I can buy that one.

And they will say “Recovery is more than just not using. It’s about building relationships. It’s about purpose and meaning.”

Anyone who has ever found their place on the mats can relate to that last part.

I feel that getting people involved in BJJ seems like a natural place to go when we think about recovery. I’m not the only one who ever thought about this. Many pro fighters will talk about how martial arts helped them to stay sober. I want to give other people in recovery that opportunity. This is our mission. If we can help one person get on the mats and stay on the mats it will all be worth it.

Often when a person is first getting sober they have lost everything. I want to give something to them that may help change their life forever. They are worth it. If you are a person who is struggling in life… just know, you are a person worthy of dignity and respect. You are lovable and you are worth it.

I wanted to bring a healing product to our community. I’m not here to make health claims about CBD, many smarter people than I have made those claims (including the World Health Organization). I say “CBD is more about what you  don’t feel than what you do.”  As a person in recovery I am very conscious about what goes in my body. Rest assured, our products are non psychoactive and THC free. You will not “feel high” and will not fail a test.

Lets be honest…. the CBD market is flooded with scams and scam artists. Predators who prey on people looking for wellness. All of our products are lab tested. We have no secrets. Unlike other companies…. I have nothing to hide. Folium Biosciences is our supplier for raw oil, we formulate the rest and bottle ourselves.

If you are a combat athlete looking to try CBD, please give us a try. Your purchase is going to help build our community. You will be part of giving back and part of a healing process for people.