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Get on the mats

I am a person living in recovery from addiction. I still have my own mental health struggles. I want to be able to help people try something new for wellness and health. People like me. I’m limited to North Austin at the moment but I do have other connections around so ask me anyways. I’ll try to help you wherever you live just msg me! I don’t care if you have been sober 10 days or 10 years, that’s not what is important. What is important is that you want to experience something that maybe you have been afraid to try. Or something that you use to do that addiction or depression side tracked you from. I want to help you get in or get back. I can cover the cost of your starter gi and take care of your classes to start. I am limited but in the future I want to do even more. So please, contact me or tell a friend to contact me. Also, if you are struggling feel free to hit me up. I’m a licensed counselor who can sit with you and listen, no charge. Call it a peer coaching session. Even a phone call or text if that is what is more comfortable for you. No one has to be alone. Everyone remember that stigma of addiction and mental health hurts the ones we love. Be kind to each other. Thank you. -Justin

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